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The Ultimate 2021 Guide to finding perfect prospects for your cold outreach 💥

Looking for a new prospects list building techniques? This article dives into how to build your sniper targeted lists which in return increase your reply rates.

If you’re wondering how to email your prospects without being too spammy and get high reply rates, this is the place for you.


Targeted list

One of the pillars of successful email or LinkedIn outreach campaigns is having a sniper targeted email list.

Imagine selling a product or service to an audience where only 10% may be interested. Sounds crazy? But this happens all the time 😅

List building takes some efforts and understanding of your ideal customer and campaign you want to run. But I want you to think of building a targeted cold emailing list as an investment which definitely pays off and the results will pleasantly surprise you!


Below we will break down the steps to build a successful targeted list.

Do your research

List building takes some understanding of the campaign you want to run and your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) you’re targeting.

After sending millions of cold emails, I’ve learned that doing your research before building the audience list and crafting message tailored to them makes your open rates skyrocket. Isn’t that what we all want after-all?

Alright but how do we conduct the research? I’ll show you how.

Who are you selling to?

These are key questions to ask before building the prospects list:

  • what’s important for my ICPs?

  • how do they communicate? what specific/industry language do they use?

  • where are they located (physically)? where are my ICPs congregating online? ex. Reddit threads, LinkedIn/FB groups or events, etc.

  • what problems are they discussing online?

Industry/company intelligence

Other questions you want to think through are related to understanding type of industries / companies / departments /etc you’re selling to:

  • Is this industry a good fit for your product/solution?

  • What department, company size are you selling to?

ex. at WOW Leads we’re helping sales and SDR, BD teams to build prospecting lists free from low qualified leads. In our case ICP company size would typically range from few employees up to 500 employees. Why? larger companies have complicated purchasing processes and we don’t want to be bogged down by long sales cycles.
Counterexample: an email/prospect finder tool like WOW Leads could be useful for recruiters to find great talent, but we’re targeting specifically sales teams with our messaging as it helps us to maintain laser focus in what we do.

  • What tools and tech do they use?

Sniper targeting

Let’s cover some strategies and practices that work for WOW Leads and companies we work with.

  • Scraping LinkedIn events

  • Ideal scrapeable persona search

  • Search portals

Scraping LinkedIn events

Scraping LinkedIn events is a great, laser-focused way to find your target audience on LinkedIn.

It takes just under 5 minutes to scrape and reach to 1,000+ sales prospects. With no need for complicated coding, retargeting, or other growth hacks.

Here’s how this simple outreach strategy works:

1. Find a relevant event on LinkedIn which your target audience will be attending.
In this case I will be targeting this Lead Gen event with 3042 attendees! That’s 3k hyper-targeted ICPs 🔥


2. Hit ‘Attend’ so you can see the list of people who are also planning to attend.


Now you will be able to view and scrape the whole list! That’s pure 🤑


3. You will use WOW Leads LinkedIn scraper module. If you’re planning to scrape huge lists, unlike other scraping and email finder tools, we offer unlimited credits plan 🤩. WOW Leads Chrome extensions allows you to scrape unlimited search results.

🤔 Pro tip: typically LinkedIn will spot your automated activity if you’re using other LinkedIn automation tools, but since WOW Leads has internal lead database and it only needs profile URLs, it does not generate profile visits, so you might go Unlimited with your scraping!;


💥 Boom, now you have a list of laser-focused targeted leads to use for your cold email outreach. In your outreach you mention how you’re looking forward to the event and ask a personalized question related to the event.

Ideal scrapeable persona search

Ideal scrapeable persona is a term we’ve come up with while brainstorming the way we could create hyper-targeted lists for cold emails.

In an essence, this approach helps you build your targeting lists while keeping in mind how you can actually filter audience in the platform you’re using for search.

Let’s take LinkedIn as an example. Let’s say we’re selling software for B2B Sales Leaders to onboard, scale and train their sales representatives.

Let’s think what real life scenario could look like for our ICP:

  • obviously pick the right industry, job title, geography, etc.
  • the goal for Sales Leader is to ramp up sales team, hence this can translate into an increase in the number of sales people in their team.


  • utilise built-in LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences!


  • once the search results are prepared utilise your WOW Leads extension to extract emails and build your laser-focused prospects list.

Search portals

WOW Leads internal search engine allows you to search through +15M businesses all around the globe 🚀. Let’s hunt for decision makers in small accounting firms in US.

  • first step is to find these companies:


You will receive this list of B2B companies:


What you want to do is to look for specific people within this companies, so for our scenario we’re looking for owners and decision makes of these companies. In order to get those, you specify exact job titles your ICP would have and input company domains from the spreadsheet we’ve discussed above.


WOW Leads will take some time to look for your ICPs:


When it’s done, you will get the list of decision makers with their emails, LinkedIn profiles and much more 🤩


Pro tip: you can get company domains list from any other source, ex. the following is a list of software companies from Crunchbase.


Once you have the list you go to WOW Leads ‘Find Contacts’ area and again use magic prospect search engine filtering by keywords and seniority levels:


Before you send out your cold outreach campaign, as a final check, you should still go through your list of ICPs manually and see if they align with your targeting criteria.

Yes, this might be time-consuming, but it’s going to be worth it as you’ll gain a higher acceptance and reply rate.


Well, that’s it for now, hope you guys find these cold email list building techniques useful and find your dream leads and customers!

Ready to start implementing the above cold email sniper targeting strategies and take your cold email outreach to the next level?

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Stay chill and safe!