Looking for an alternative to Snovio?

Swapping Snovio for WOW Leads gives you a comprehensive solution for prospecting, automation, and outreach with unparalleled support. High-quality data for your entire prospecting process with WOW Leads.
WOW Leads
Basic lead search filtering capabilities 
Advanced lead search filtering capabilities 
Outreach templates
Shows phone numbers
Prospect search and email sequencing functionality
Company domain email validation
Comprehensive server and data sources cross-checking email validation
High-quality data, low bounce rates
Avoid getting flagged by Gmail
Unlimited credits (see plans)
Snovio user from G2
"My domain got blocked because they could not stop my campaign - Their pause button doesnt work...It was crazy bad experience. I got fired post that..."

Get high-quality data with prospecting and outreach functionalities that just work