Looking for an alternative to RocketReach?

Swapping RocketReach for WOW Leads gives you a comprehensive solution with high-quality data and outreach capabilities. Streamline your entire prospecting process with WOW Leads.
WOW Leads
Basic lead search filtering capabilities 
Advanced lead search filtering capabilities
Outreach templates
Bulk lookups
Email sequencing functionality
Ethical billing practices and friendly customer service representatives 
High-quality data, low bounce rates
Avoid getting banned on Linkedin and Gmail
Unlimited credits (see plans)
RocketReach user from G2
"Accuracy and cost. $588 for the year (ouch!) and at least a third of the emails come back as inaccurate."

"REFUND DENIED: Canceled Trial Subscription on the Same Day I Started It Still Got Charged."
WOW Leads helps you build prospecting lists free from low-qualified leads and automate your outreach. And our billing practices are not fishy!