Looking for an alternative to ContactOut?

Swapping ContactOut for WOW Leads gives you a comprehensive solution for sales teams with prospects search on Linkedin, automation, and outreach with fair pricing. Streamline your entire prospecting process with WOW Leads.
WOW Leads
Basic lead search filtering capabilities 
Advanced lead search filtering capabilities 
Outreach templates
Built for sales prospecting
Prospect search and email sequencing functionality
High-quality data, low bounce rates
Works with Linkedin search
(including Sales Navigator and Recruiter)
Works outside of Linkedin with own search portal filters and lead prospecting 
Fair pricing with options of Unlimited searches (see plans)
ContactOut user from G2
"This app is only available to extract leads details from the LinkedIn and Github profile so far, which is a disliked thing. Pricing seems a bit much, in an effort to find hidden info, it doesn't always find the obvious info."
WOW Leads helps you build prospecting lists free from bad-fit buyers and at the fair price